by Danielle Krysa

Balance - ah yes, that elusive state we’re all striving for these days. Well somehow, some way, two artists from opposite sides of the United States have found exactly that through a unique collaborative project that they have titled [ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uhm], a study in balance. 
Artists so often work in a silo, alone with their ideas, process, and the final outcome. That is not the case with photographer Cade Martin and multidisciplinary artist Vincent Serritella. Brought together so as to explore how their own skills, aesthetics and personal touches could ultimately blur the line between their individual contributions. In fact, I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what was photographic and what was paint. Where does Cade’s work stop and Vincent’s begin – in some cases, it’s hard to tell. 
As mentioned, these artists live on opposite coasts - Cade is based in Washington DC, and Vincent lives in San Francisco. Well, to make things even more complicated, there is also a third member of this collaborative team who calls New Orleans home. The Market Street Power Plant, which had closed its doors in 1973, and for years has been abandoned, left alone to quietly decay in Louisiana’s subtropical humidity. Now, however, thanks to the balancing act between Cade’s contemporary compositions and Vincent’s juxtaposition of various media [ee-kwuh-lib- ree uhm] is breathing power back into this long-forgotten space. 

Danielle Krysa is an artist, writer and curator. She is the founder of the popular contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator, and author of Creative Block, Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk and A Big Important Art Book – Now with Women. She has curated art shows from Washington DC to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Toronto.
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