Kate Chase Presents [ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uhm]; a collection of ten large-format mixed-media works borne out of a two-year collaboration between photographer Cade Martin and artist Vincent Serritella.

[ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uhm] is also a study of creative balances – of shadow and light, of past and promise, of decomposition and rebirth. Stretching the boundaries of collaboration without consultation, Martin and Serritella handled their components alone, trusting the method of initiation and completion to the other. Both artists had to open to the unfamiliar, and remain invested in the idea that the unknown, the challenge to their familiar process, and an unimagined end product would ultimately reveal something new and striking beyond their singular visions.

Both artists found inspiration in the unexpected muse of the decades-long vacant Market Street Power Plant — one of New Orleans most striking and storied early modern buildings perched on the banks of The Mississippi River.

For Martin, “Love of creative adventure is how I was raised and once inside I felt connected with the easy juxtaposition of decay and fresh graffiti, the very spirit of New Orleans baked into the way the past played literal gallery for the now.” Like the Crescent City itself, the work became an homage to a place where history is not a study of what was, but something fully alive as a thread connecting then and now.
Likewise the works in [ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uhm] are a living thread, connecting how Martin experienced and photographed the graffiti filled halls, how Vincent Serritella viewed and experienced and added to those photographs, and how their art
collectively will be experienced and even changed by their environment and their viewers – an ongoing collaboration. Each piece named for a prominent graffiti phrase captured in Martin’s original photographs.

And for Serritella, “the work then framed without glazing to allow the natural atmospheric elements to further decay the paper and work, continuing the impermanence of leaving the life of the image unknown and perhaps to decay if left abandoned.”

The images can currently be viewed at

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